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Geraldine Arriaga
11/16/44 – 11/3/18

   Gerry was raised in Pinole with one brother and two sisters in a very Catholic family. Gerry rode the bus to Vallejo to attend classes at St. Vincent’s High School. She was a good student, and participated in Hilltalk, Sodality and Red Cross.

    After high school, Gerry entered the convent and was a member of the Sisters of the Holy Family for 25 years. Eventually she left the convent, and served as caretaker for her mother and her sister Mary. She also sold Mary Kay cosmetics. Gerry was a quiet, kind, thoughtful person – and always had a ready smile.

Geraldine's Celebration of Life
by Geraldine's sister, Eleanor Pingitore

  I'm thankful for this opportunity to celebrate the vibrant and exceptional life of my sister, Geraldine Marie Arriaga with her friends. She lived 73 years from November 16,h 1944 to November 3rd 2018. Some might think she went too soon, but she had a full life. At a very young age she was given responsibilities and tasks that gave her the training to be a lifelong older sister (second Mom), good example, natural teacher, social worker, caregiver, employee and consultant. She could be anyone's sister, confidant, aunt, teacher, counselor, or friend. During her life she accepted the challengespresented to her and always accomplished her work with her best effort, grace, love, style, energy, enthusiasm and obedience.

  She wanted what was best for herself, our family, her 4 nieces, 3 nephews, 5 grandnieces, 3 grandnephews, 1 great grandnephew and numerous, friends and associates. As an aunt she went to birthdays, baptisms, events, graduations, ballet recitals and concerts. She was the aunt for all seasons. As a sister of the Holy Family for 35 years, she found Jesus in everyone she met and worked to serve and
improve their lives. As a religious educator and champion of children, she was like a Mary Poppins for young people.
As a care-giver to my Mother and sister Mary, she worked long hours tending to their, physical, mental, medical and emotional well-being. As a Mary Kay consultant, she had a "go give" attitude, a generous disposition that was always helpful caring and genuine.

  She was the best friend and sister to everyone; this was evident from the many cards, phone calls, flowers and prayers she had received.

  The Lord knew what was best for her and that she had given everything she had to give to those who needed her and who she loved.

  Now...she has no more bills, sickness, pain, disappointments, trials, or taxes. She is on the longest vacation forever, well deserved with sick leave and eternity leave retroactive.


Updated 12/13/2018